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woot i love these pics owo


hamish pulls away from smoker. “I thought marines hated pirates?” “a long time ago your mother was a marine. Despite the events that would cause your mother to switch side, my feelings for her never turn to hate” “really?” “yeah, I used to work under your father” “what was the event that caused you to switch?” “that something i would rather tell you when you’re a bit older” You look at smoker when you hear marines coming in “looks like our time is up…” “yeah….” 

 You give smoker a quick kiss on the cheek and pick up Hamish. “i hope to see you again soon” you hand smoker a piece of paper. “here, for emergency purposes only” You hand smoker a piece of paper and a mini denden. “try not to use the paper to find me only to try to get to luffy. “I will try not to” “I want to stay!” “we can’t hun. I promise you we will get to spend some more time with your father in the future” “promise?” “promise” With that you and Hamish leave, avoiding interaction with the other marines. 

“MAMA!” Hamish yelled, trying to wake you up. The both of you were sent off by kuma. You were in critical condition and weren't responding to Hamish shaking you. Shaking you enough, a mini denden falls from your form and onto the ground. Hamish seeing this picks it up. “papa…”  Hamish turns it on and hears the other end ring. “hello?” “PAPA!” “Hamish? is everything okay?” “Mama is hurt and won’t wake up!” “what?” “I can’t get mama to wake up!” 

“Hamish i need you to put your fingers on the your mothers neck, next to under the end side of the jaw where the ears are.” “okay” Hamish does so. “now do you something throbbing?” “y-yes” “thats good” “do you know where you are at?” “no” “listen to me, I need you to find somewhere safe to stay at and wait for me to come and find you. Can you do that for me?” “yes” “everything will be fine you hear me?” “yes papa” 

Smoker searched through his stuff to find your V card. When he finally found it, about 90% of it was gone. “damn it” picking it up, smoker rushes to the front of the ship to change course. “captain, where are we headed?” “to where ever this paper takes us” 

It was roughly 3 days later when smoker made it to the island you where placed on. Going in alone, he searched for both you and Hamish. “Hamish!” he called out, hoping to be near. “PAPA?!” “where are you?!” Soon enough, smoker sees Hamish. “where is your mother?” “this way,this way!” Hamish grabs his hand and pulls him, taking him to where you were. “mama still has not woken up yet!” Hamish continues to pull his father until you were finally in sight. 

Smoker then lets go of hamish’s hand and runs over to you, picking you up. “what the hell happened?” you were covered in dried blood, open wounds that were covered up by leaves that Hamish placed on you. “A big guy attacked everyone and mama took a lot of hits trying to keep me safe….” Hamish started to tear up and cry. “Everything is going to be okay now hamish. there is no need to cry. Now come, let’s get your mother some help” Hamish nods as he rubs the tears away from his eyes and follows his father back to the ship. 

“Captain!” “get the doctor now!” “oh my god is that?” Smoker simply nods to Tashigi. “Tashigi  get some food and water and bring it over to the medical bay.” “yes sir!” Smoker heads off to the bay and allows the doctor to tend to your wounds. Smoker drops you off at the medical bay “om my lord…what the hell happened to this woman?” “save her” “i will do my best captain”  leaving you there, smoker picks up Hamish. “I don’t wanna leave mama!” “we must elave it up to the doctors to help her.  For now, let’s take care of you. You must be hungry” “…y yeah” 

Smoker takes Hamish to his room to tend to his wounds. smoker treated the small cuts and gashes that were on Hamish while Hamish ate. “how did you get harmed?” “trying to find drinkable water. I found some, but it was hard to get down to” “you are a vary brave young man you know” “really?” Hamish smiles. “yes, most boys and girls would have just cried and done nothing. You went out to find food and water all while watching over your mother.” Hamish frowns upon hearing the word mother “is mama going to be okay?” “i don’t know, but knowing your mother, she will be fine” Smoker pats his sons head. “she is a strong woman” “sir?” “what is it?” “the doctor says that the pirate is…is stable condition” “good” “why are we helping a pirate captain? should we have just allowed her to die?”  Just a s smoker was going to respond, Hamish runs over to the man and hits him as vines wrap around the man. “How dare you wish my mama death!” “Hamish thats enough”

 Smoker picks up Hamish. “he wished” “let’s go see if your mother is awake” smoker cuts the boy off. Smoker leaves the room as the man falls the floor as the vines disappear.  “don’t worry, i will punish him for speaking that way” Smoker suddenly says to hamish. this makes hamish smile and hug his father. “i love you papa” “i love you too” 

You would not wake up for another 5 days. You would be moved over to smoker’s room for is has far more roomy and comfortable to be in. That and smoker wanted to keep an eye on the both of you. While you slept, hamish would stay by your side, waiting for you to wake up. Smoker would stay at the office side of the room, working. Every once and awhile, he would get up and check up on the both of you. When you finally woke up, the whole incident with Ace had passed. 

“mama!” “sweetheart? what…where are we?” “in papa’s room” your son hugs you and you hug back. “i was so worried mama. i didnt think you would ever wake up again.” “im sorry that i worried you sweetie.” “im glad to see that you are finally awake.” You see smoker come into view, walking over to your side. “how did you know i was in trouble?” “Hamish called me on the denden” “thats my smart boy” you kiss Hamish’s forehead. Hamish giggles and lays down next to you. 

“so now that i’m awake, whats going to happen now?” “yo will rest and heal up.” “and?” “and nothing” “smoker i’m a pirate on your ship. i have the feeling that others know that i am here” “that is true” “so, you will have to arrest me” “no!” Hamish yells out. “relax my boy, i’m not going to do that” you giggle. “if you are not going to do that, then what will you do? I’m a wanted woman smoker. i doubt that the marine corp will allow you get away with this” “what they don’t know won’t kill them” “you and I both know that won’t work.” 

“i’m sad to say that the marines is corrupted, i’m sure i can find something to allow you to stay along with some promises.” “what promises?”  “along with revoking your rights and no longer being a pirate” “what the heck do you mean by my rights being revo” you get cut off upon seeing a (fav jewel) ring. “s…smoker” “marry me” You blush “s-smoker you know this will never work” “that is not an answer” Hamish grabs the ring. “Hamish?” hamish grabs your hand and places the ring on your finger “mama says yes” “Hamish” you give your son a stern look before sighing. looking at the ring you look back at smoker. 

“do you really mean it? or is this because you know you are a father?” smoker leans down, getting closer to you. “Hamish, could you let your mother and I have some alone time to talk.” Hamish nods and before getting off the bed, he kisses your cheek. Once Hamish left the room, smoker started to talk. “(name) i have been in love with you for god, i don’t know how long. I have always wanted to marry you, but i couldn’t due to my rank and you being a pirate. Now that I am at a higher level, I have better chances of getting what a want which is you.” 

You blush as smoker grabs your hands. “no woman can replace you and If there is any sort of chance of having you, im going to take it. You having Hamish has only strengthened that want, not caused it” smoker kisses your hands. “so the question is (name), do you want to be my wife?”

“(name)! put the captain down!” “ fine” “no don’t!” “luffy we got to talk about our next destination!”  nami yells out as you put luffy down. “what do you mean? we are headed to Alabasta” “we need supplies!” you giggle and shake your head. “zoro, do you know where Hamish is?” “Last i saw him, he was with Sanji” “sanji?” “yeah, wanted to help him or something” “thanks” zoro nods and you head off to the kitchen.

 You spot Hamish making something with sanji by his side, telling him some things. “whats going on in here?” “well hello (name) swan” “mama! get out of here!” Hamish yells out, looking panicked.” excuse me?” you say. Hamish runs over to you and tires pushing you out of the room. “leave! its not ready!” “ummm okay?” you say confused on what was going on. you leave the kitchen, becoming a tad bit upset. before you walk off, you feel someone grab your arm to stop you from leaving.

 “(name)swan” “sanji what is with Hamish?” “he is trying to make you a little something” “really?” “he wants to surprise you”  “what ever for?” “usoop told him something about it being mother’s day” “mothers day?” “sorry, i keep forgetting that you were not brought up on human traditions. mother’s day is a day where children give thanks to their mothers. this be soon through an array of things like cards, flowers, food, and so on. 

Hamish wants to make you (favorite food)” “awww,well thanks for telling me this, i was worried that Hamish was mad at me for something” “just act surprised” “will do” Sanji let’s go of your arm and goes back inside the kitchen. you humm as you head over to talk to chopper. 

“mama!” “what is it sweetie?” “come with me!” “alright” hamish takes your hand and leads you the kitchen. As he opens the door, you both see sanji and luffy. “you idiot!” sanji hits luffy “what? I didnt know!” Hamish’s eyes widen as he sees the food he had made for you gone. tears start to form around his eyes as he lets go of your hand. “sanji?” you say as you look at him. “sorry, i leave the room for one minute and come back finding luffy finishing up  the (favorite food). 

Hamish walks over to luffy and kicks him. “that was for my mamma!” “didn’t know” you simply giggle and walk over to Hamish and pick him up. “did you make that?” “uhhuh” you wipe the tears from his face and kiss his cheek. “that was very sweet of you hun. i’m touched” “all for nothing” “thats not true, you worked very hard to make it. luffy, how was it?” “super good!” 

You smile. “well thats good, it shows that you listened to sanji’s instructions. “but” “its okay. there is always a next time. how about this, help mamma take care of some chores and that can be your gift for me hmm?” Hamish slowly nods. you kiss him again and thank sanji for helping him and leave the room.

“Hamish i said slow down!” Hamish just laughed as he went about the crowd, looking at various things. “i dislike this place…” “not much can be helped” “yes it can, we can always leave. “(name)” “i know, i know” “how about this, you go to that bar over there while i’ll watch Hamish” You smile at nami. “thanks” “its nothing, i love looking after the little guy.” You leave the group and walk into the bar. you spot a man with an orange hat and sit down next to him. “think thats enough food?” you ask him. 

“not nearly enough” you laugh. “fair enough” you order a few drinks. “not from around her are you?” you smile and say, “could say the same for you. I recognize that tattoo on your back.” “you do, do you?” you nod. “used to be a marine” “used to?” “let’s say revenge forced me out of that” “i see” “there you are” Your eyes widen, knowing who’s voice that belonged to. Before you could turn to fave the marine, you watch as both are thrown though the wall. “what…” You see luffy sit down and ask for food. “luffy….” “oh hey (name)”

 “Luffy!” you hear the man yell out as he walks back inside to face your captain. Luffy just eats his foo, staring at the man. “smoker” You say causing him to look at you widen eyed. “wait smoker?” luffy looks at you. “ummm bye!” “huh?” luffy grabs your hand and runs. “Luffy! (name)!” “luffy let go of me!” “nope!” “luffy!” 

short time skip

“great…” trying to turn back to get to smoker, you found yourself lost in town. “now how the hell am i going to find him?” “find who?” you quickly turn to see smoker. “smoker!” “long time no see” he says to you as he walks over to you. “yeah…” “not going to run from me?” “do you want me to?” “no””then why ask?” “you normally run” “its been almost 5 years smoker, i have much to tell you.” “is that so?” “yes” “like joining another pirate crew?” you sigh. 

“really?” “is it true?” smoker says in a stern voice. he looked mad. “yes but i have only been with them for 5 months.” “that is no excuse” “going to punish me for doing so?” “(name) i wanted you to live a life of no crime. i gave you another chance to escape that life.” he moves in close and you start to walk back. “i did and was somewhat happy” “got bored?” “wouldn’t say that” “I went through a lot of fire for you (name)” “that was your choice” “my choice?” “yes! you could have just left me there and allowed me to hang” you were getting angry. “maybe i should this time” “so you are going to turn me in?” you feel the wall hit your back.

 “damn it” you mutter to yourself. Smoker pins you to the wall, grabbing hold of your wrists, pinning them above you. “you’re the one who went back to this life.” “i only did it so i could find you!” “finding me would only lead you to a dark whole” “what? you don’t love me anymore? have all those feelings you had for me disappeared?” “(name)” smoker growls. “or are you just being this way to scare me off?” Your eyes widen as you feel cuffs on your wrists. “looks like i got my answer….so the humors of you moving on and finding another are true.” smoker says nothing to this. “you have changed” you say to him. 

“so have you” “to think i was so eager to find you and tell you that you’r a…..never mind you don’t deserve to know” smoker looks at you with a confused look. “tell me what?” “i said forget it!” you try to push him off of you, but are unable to. “tell me” “get lost!” “(name)!” “You’re a father!” smoker’s eyes widen and he lets you go, moving only a few steps away from you. “what?” “i said you’r a father….i would find out that i was carrying your child a month after you freed me….His name is Hamish”

 “Hamish…” “he is like you more ways than one” you watch as a small smile appears on smoker’s face. smoker moves back, but grabbing hold of your waist. “let go of me!” “never” you hear him say as he suddenly kisses you. you try to shake him off, but your feelings for him were still there. you slowly begin to kiss back. after awhile, smoker pulls back. “i guess my plan of scaring you off won’t be able to happen.” once more your eyes widen. “what?” smoker chuckles as he uncuffs you.

 “thought that if i could get you to think that i no longer cared for, you would escape and stay away thus keeping you safe. To add to this, there is no woman that could ever replace you” you blush and look away “didn’t think to well into that plan smoker. I would have still remained a pirate.” “not if i had gone thought with the rest of my plan” “sure” you roll your eyes. “i’m really a father?” you giggle and nod. smoker leans back in, capturing your lips with his own. The kiss started to get heated until “stay away from my mama!” smoker lets go of you and turns to see a boy. “Hamish!” you yell out. 

“why are you not with the others!” “I was worried!”  you push Smoker to the side a little and grab hold of his arm. “Hamish put those vines away.” “but!” “hamish this man is not harming me” “He is a marine!” “listen to your mother and put those vines down now” the vines that were slowly making there way to smoker pull back. “give me a moment with him okay?” smoker nods and you let go of him and walk over to Hamish. “sweetie” you start to say as you got onto your knees. “remember what i have told you about your father?”  Hamish nods. “what have i said?”

 “That he is a strong man that smoked 2 cigars, but when around you he would put them out.” “what else?” “that he has white hair?” You nod. Smoker at this time, to help get hamish to understand who he was, puts two cigars in his mouth, unlit. “now would you say that this man behind me fits any of that?” Hamish takes a look at smoker for a bit before it clicks. “Papa?” Smoker smiles and walks up to the two of you. Smoker kneels down next to you and says “it’s nice to finally meet you my boy.” “PAPA!” Hamish hugs him and smoker hugs back. You pet your son’s head. “I wish you two could have met sooner” “better late then never”

“slow down, the food is not going anywhere” you say as you pat your son on the head. “mama?” “hmm?” “how come i cant understand what the plants tell me?” “you don’t speak elveken” “eelvekan” “yes, our native tongue. the plants here can only speak that” “why are we the only ones here?” “…..a long time ago a bunch of brute men came here and……killed everyone, but me.”  “did they kills daddy?” you shake your head “your father is human not elvek. I would meet your father many years later”

 “oh…” “what is it sweetheart?” “what is daddy like?” before you could answer your son, you heard gun shots. “what was that?” “sweetie i need to to go to your room and lock the door, do not open it for anyone but me” “why, whats going on?” “promise me” “i promise” you shoo your son to his room and leave to find out the source of the sound. You spot 5 men surrounding an animal. “so captain, you think they followed us?” “not sure, but i wont take the risk” “im sure we lost the straw hats” “this place looks like crap…. i wonder what happened to all the people?” 

“i heard this place use to hold a tribe” “what happened to them?” “they were all killed off” “such a shame, i heard the women here where to die for”  you growl. “leave now!” they turn to you and grin. “well, well, well look what we have hear.” one of them say to you. the scared animal that they surrounded takes this chance to leave. “looks like there still here”  “i am warning you” you say moving closer to them. “or what are you going to do little girl” “last warning” “sorry dear we are not going anywhere” “you had your chance” you say and with raising your hand, vines appear, wrapping around their legs and pulls them off the ground.

 “what the hell?!” “now how do you want to go hmm?” you stand before them as the vines wrap around their arms, rendering them unable to move. “I would not kill us if I were you.” one says while smirking. “and why is that?” suddenly you sense something behind you and you turn. your eyes widen as you see another pirate aiming a gun at you, about to shoot. You dart back only to be shot in the shoulder. you hiss to this. before you can do anything, you hear a little voice call out. “MAMA!” “Hamish!” the man turns around to face your son, ready to fire. As you run to get to your son, thick vines appear, quickly wrapping around the man. 

The man screams out in pain as the vines squeeze him to death. “No one hurts my mama!” Hamish yells out. You stare at the vines that had squeezed the man and then look at your son before going to him and picking him up. “Hun what did iI say?!” you tell him as you begin to hug him. “But mama you were in trouble!” “no matter how much danger i am in, i never want you to risk your life to save mine. You mean the world to me. I love you so much and the thought of you getting hurt brings me to tears.” “don’t cry mama i wont get hurt” hamish hugs you back finally.

 “i love you too mama” you pull back and kiss hamish’s cheek. “I will say what you did made me proud" “really?” you nod as you turn to face the men. “now, were was i hmmm?” Before you can do anything, you hear another voice. “WOAH!” turning to face the voice, you see a young man with a straw hat. “SO COOL!” he runs up to you, but you block him with a vine wall. “damn it more bloody pirates?!” you put Hamish down. “go to the house and hide" “but mama!” "do it!” As your son begins to run you start attacking the man. “hey now! I mean no harm!” “thats a lie!” you yell out. 

“Captain!” you spot a girl running towards you, among some others. “its alright!” the man yells smiling. “she’s hurt!” you spot a creature who had noticed your shoulder. “did these men do this to you?” the straw hat man asks you as you try to attack him” "why do you care?!” “why wouldn’t i?” you pause, this man…. “mama! help!” your eyes widen. “Hamish?!” you run to where you heard your son's voice, not noticing the others following you. You freeze as you see a man holding a gun to your son's head.

 “one step and he is dead” "what do you want?” “release my men.” you look at your son who was crying as he struggled to get away from the man. “f fine just don't hurt my boy” before you could raise your hand you see an arm stretch out, grabbing the gun from the man and pulling back, taking the gun with it. "what the?" you turn your head to see the straw head grin.  you quickly run up to the man and blow mist at him, knocking him out. your son is let go and you catch him. “Mama!” you hug him and ask "are you okay?” “yeah” you turn to face the man that had helped you. “whats your name?" “luffy!” you walk up to him. "thank you” you kiss his cheek.

 “its been a long time since i have seen a pirate that cared about others” “its nothing” “captain!" you see the creature and the girl run up to the man. “how can i repay you?” “join my crew!” “what?!” everyone said. “you don't even know this woman!" the girl yells at him. as they both “talk" about it, the creature walks up to you. “please let me tend to your shoulder” “awesome!” your son says. “a talking animal!” you giggle and lean down, letting go of your son. "what is your name?" “chopper" “well chopper, if you really want to fix me up you can" chopper smiles and grabs your hand. “follow me then” 

Chopper finishes tending to your wound as you talk the crew. “i don’t know, i gave up the pirate life after i found out i was having Hamish” “come on please!” luffy begs to you. “Hamish will be safe with us. We all will watch over him” nami tells you as she held your son. Nami really took a liking to him.  You touch your mother’s necklace that was adorn on your neck. “fine, but” “yeah!” “glad you going to join us (name)-swan” the cook tells you. “it will be great having another girl on the ship” nami says. “hold on! i said i will join BUT…..if we ever run into a certain person, i want you not follow. I must talk to him alone.”

 “who is this person?” “a marine” “why on earth do you want to talk to a marine? they will only try to arrest you” zoro asks. “that man and I have had history. he needs to know something that i was never able to tell him.” you say as you look at your son. “what?” “that is personal. anyway, what ever happens after that may result me from leaving your crew” “fine” 

“Luffy!” “oh come on please!” you huff. “fine” “yeah!” you raise your hand and vines wrap around luffy and pull him up. you them flick your wrist and the vines start to spin luffy. “agian?” zoro asks you and you just nod. “he has been pestering Hamish to do it, but i forbid hamish on using his powers without my presence. He needs to master how to hold things without crushing them before i will allow him to train and play with his powers on his own.” “yeah, don’t want another incident like before.” “poor guy felt so bad. Though i will admit learning to use my powers was much harder considering i was on my own.” 

you sigh “hey, he has you. He won’t have to be alone” You smile “ he does”  It had only been four months since joining the crew and you never felt more at home. it took a bit to settle in, but once settled, you treated them as if they were your family. You had become really good freinds with zoro and nami. you could say that they were your bffs. Hamish would be good friends with chopper and Usopp. Though one could say that you and hamish really liked everyone equally. 

It barely had been a month when it all happened. you looked in horror as you saw every member of your crew lying dead on the floor. fire burned around you as you face the man that did this. a marine…a bloody marine did this. how could things go wrong in only a matter of minutes? you screamed in anger as you lunged after the man. 

“how dare you!” you yell out, attacking him in your blind rage, you would fail to think properly and not use your best skills to give you any advantage. “Bloody pirate!” “says the man that killed every member of my crew! You are no better!” he pulls out his pistol and tries to shoot you, but misses by a hair. You only growl at this and use your sword to attack him. You manage to hit his side causing him to fall on his knees. 

“You one of many reasons why i hate humans. you all are greedy for money and power. to bloody think i use to be a marine.” hitting him once more, you drop your sword and grab his shirt, pulling him closer to you. “for you, i will not grant you a fast death. you blow mist into his face and let him go. stepping away to watch the man cough and cough until blood started to pour out from his mouth.

 there was nothing, no emotion in your eyes as you watched the man die. you felt empty. the only saving grace you had was smoker, but after this, there was no chance in hell that you would be able to see him again. Not finding anyone alive, you dig a big grave and bury your comrades. This would take a while and would cause issues when you heard marines coming over to check what had happened. “damn it” you say under your breath. 

you needed to get out of here. you were wounded from the fight and were in no mood to deal with anymore marines. placing flowers on the grave you say  “im sorry” before heading off to your empty ship.  you freeze when you spot Tashigi. “just my luck…” she spots you and yells out  “(name)?!” you run while holding your side. she chases you as she yells for you to stop. “I don’t want to hurt you Tashigi!” you yell out. “i don’t want to either! you must stop and turn yourself in!” you fail to notice smoker and run right into him. you fall to the floor, holding your head. “damn it!”

 “(name)….” smoker looks at you with a frown on his face. “do you have any idea on what you’ve done?” he says as he pulls you up. “that man killed my crew in cold blood! we did nothing, in fact we were helping the town rebuild itself due to a pirate attack! he came after us and burned down everything!” you yell at smoker in rage. your rage comes to a sudden halt when you hear the sound of metal click. you look down and see that smoker put cuffs on you. “I have no choice” “….i know” 

Smoker sighed as he watched you just sit in the corner of the cell. it had been a few days and you had refused to eat anything. Hell, it was a struggle just to get you patched up (smoker’s orders). You would not talk, not even to him. “(name)” he gets up and walks over to your cell. you don’t even look up at him. “go away” “no” “go!” you hear smoker growl and unlock your cell door. 

“i will if you do one thing for me” “what?” “eat” “im not hungry” “you have not eaten in days” “im not hungry” “dont make me force feed you” “does it even matter if i eat? im going to be hanged as soon as we make port anyway so there is no point. leave me be smoker” “i can’t and i won’t” “why not?!” smoker kneels down beside you. “because i’m in love with you  (name). no matter how hard i try to stay away, i can’t” you blush and turn your head but is stopped by smoker’s hand. you feel his lips on your own and kiss back. “i love you too…” you mumble out causing smoker to smirk.

 “please eat, for me?” you sigh before saying “fine…” smokers efforts were sadly in vain for your stomach could not hold any of the food. this did not please smoker at the least. at this rate, smoker’s plan would not come to action if you didnt have the strength to pull it off. “j…just try to down the water at the very least.” you groan but drink down the water. “we are making a pit stop in a short while” “and?” “must i spell it out for you?” you give smoker a faint smile. “a marine helping out a pirate, how cute.” “i will not allow myself to be the reason for why you go on death row” 

some time skip. 

With some help from smoker, you were able to escape and board a ship. “where you headed miss?” you ponder for a bit, not sure what you had in mind. a thought finally comes to mind and you smile a bit. “home” giving the man a map to show where your home was, the ship sets sail. it would take about 2 months to get there, and by then you realized why you could not hold down food. “how bothersome” 

looks like you were going to be a single parent. once off the ship, you look around the empty town. “how the hell am i going to be able to do this?” you say to yourself. you shake your head and head off to the palace. determined, you create a new home to live in. this would take a few months to create a livable house that could hold two people. by the time you finished, you were about 6 months pregnant. the house was built inside the palace, very close to the garden where you would grow your food.

 It was lonely and boring at most times. you knew though, that would soon change. rubbing your belly, you would begin to think of smoker. you would wonder if he would have been happy that you were carrying his child. “maybe” 

4 years later

“Hamish!” you yell out to your son. “what did I tell you about wondering off?” “to not go alone… “ “thats right” “but mama!” “no buts now come with me, its dinner” “yay!” you giggle as you watch your son run back to the house. he had his father’s white hair, but your eyes. he was very much like you, always getting into trouble. “what am i going to do with you” you smile as you walk back home. unknown to you there were some pirates that had made port to your island. Not the good kind either.


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So i have been reading a ton of mihawk and reader stories and now have the want to write a story with him in it. Just don't know how i want to go about it just yet. Also i was rereading my uncommon fairy tale story and was thinking why the hell did i discontinue it? 

I think i will wait for the mihawk and reader one until i finish the law and reader one or ace and reader story. I will go back to the uncommon one within a few days. Since i'm sick, i think i will have more bed rest and boredom thus causing me to write more to make time go by. 


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